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Sneak Peek: Artpalmbeach, January 14th -19th

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Palm-Beach-Ad.jpgWe’re leaving the ice and snow (sigh) for sunnier climes next week, where browngrotta arts will join more than 50 other galleries exhibiting at the Palm Beach County Convention Center at Artpalmbeach, art + photography + design. The fair opens on January 15th and lasts through the 19th. A theme of this year’s Artpalmbeach,  art + photography + design is “going global.” As always, browngrotta arts will do its part; we are exhibiting the work of artists from 15 countries. Our installation in Booth 204 will include some of the highlights of this fall’s 10th Wave III exhibitions as well as new works by several artists including a significant wall sculpture by Ritzi Jacobi; pieces made of fish scales by Marian Bijlenga and new works of repurposed encyclopedias by Wendy Wahl. We’ll present the work of two artists in Palm Beach for the first time: We’ll present the work of two artists in Palm Beach for the first time: Jennifer Falck Linssen of the US and Carolina Yrarrázaval of Chile. US Artist Norma Minkowitz will be at the booth on Monday, January 18th from 2-4 p.m. to discuss her work; Dawn MacNutt of Nova Scotia will be at the booth to discuss her work on Tuesday, January 19th, from 2-4 p.m.


In Print: Gyöngy Laky in Hamu és Gyémánt (Ash & Diamond) Magazine

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Gyöngy Laky’s work is featured in the Fall 2009 issue of the Hungarian magazine Hamu és Gyémánt (Ash & Diamond) in a seven-page article, Gyöngy Laky, Exclusive Report with the Renowned Artist by Andrea Keleti. The article describes Laky’s career in art and academia and discusses the artist’s childhood and career as an artist and educator in the U.S after she fled Hungary with her parents and two brothers in 1948 at 4 years old. Laky did not return to Hungary until more than 30 years later, in 1982, after she had been teaching at the University of California for five years. Renowned Hungarian art critic András Bán organized an exhibition in Sárospatak where Gyöngy’s work was showcased. The article notes, “She was so young when her family fled the country she didn’t remember anything, but, slowly, she recognized familiar words, smells and sights. Although she didn’t feel like she came ‘home,’ she loved being here.” In Laky’s view, “It was such a wonderful feeling to be in Hungary, to experience my cultural heritage.”

The article goes on to describe Laky’s thought process as she creates her work: “She can only hope that the message will relate to the one she had in mind when she started with harvesting tree branche,” the author writtes. ” Each type of nail has a precise role and meaning. Even selecting a color, becomes part of the process. Will the work be a statement about superficiality? waste? or well-being…?” In Laky’s view, “Art is cultural communication….Somehow we all relate to art. We wouldn’t and couldn’t survive without it. The artist’s role has always been to take the impossible road. To explore the unknown and test the outside limits.”

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10th Wave III: Online– The next best thing to being there

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Our first online exhibit, the10th Wave III: Online, opens today. The exhibit is a carefully curated selection of works presented in installation shots, images of individual works and detail photos. Approximating the in-person experience, viewers can “walk” through 26 images of the exhibit installed; click to view each of the 125 works in the show more closely, focus in on images of dozen of details and click to read more about each of the artists in the exhibition. “Images of individual works of art online are commonplace,” says Tom Grotta, president of browngrotta arts. “We have tried, instead, to give viewers a sense of the work in space, combined with the option of looking more closely at the pieces that interest them, just as they would have if they were visiting the exhibit in person.”

The artists in the 10th Wave III are experimenting with forms and techniques in novel and surprising ways, exploring new relationships among structure, design, color, and pattern.” They work in a wide range of materials from silk, stainless steel and rubber to recycled raincoats and linen to tree bark, safety pins and telephone books. Among the artists in the online exhibition are Lewis Knauss, Lia Cook, Gyöngy Laky from the US, Sue Lawty from the UK, Ritzi Jacobi from Germany, Jin-Sook So from Sweden, Carolina Yrarrázaval from Chile and Hisako Sekijima and Jiro Yonezawa from Japan.

The 10th Wave III: Online runs through December 20, 2009.

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Guest Post Alert

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by Nancy Moore Bess


Click Guest Posts tab to read about Nancy’s visit to Lesley Dill’s traveling exhibition.

Lesley Dill (b. 1950)
Dress of Inwardness
white painted bronze, unique
Collection of Karen and Robert Duncan, Lincoln, NE

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