In Print: Gyöngy Laky in Hamu és Gyémánt (Ash & Diamond) Magazine


Gyöngy Laky’s work is featured in the Fall 2009 issue of the Hungarian magazine Hamu és Gyémánt (Ash & Diamond) in a seven-page article, Gyöngy Laky, Exclusive Report with the Renowned Artist by Andrea Keleti. The article describes Laky’s career in art and academia and discusses the artist’s childhood and career as an artist and educator in the U.S after she fled Hungary with her parents and two brothers in 1948 at 4 years old. Laky did not return to Hungary until more than 30 years later, in 1982, after she had been teaching at the University of California for five years. Renowned Hungarian art critic András Bán organized an exhibition in Sárospatak where Gyöngy’s work was showcased. The article notes, “She was so young when her family fled the country she didn’t remember anything, but, slowly, she recognized familiar words, smells and sights. Although she didn’t feel like she came ‘home,’ she loved being here.” In Laky’s view, “It was such a wonderful feeling to be in Hungary, to experience my cultural heritage.”

The article goes on to describe Laky’s thought process as she creates her work: “She can only hope that the message will relate to the one she had in mind when she started with harvesting tree branche,” the author writtes. ” Each type of nail has a precise role and meaning. Even selecting a color, becomes part of the process. Will the work be a statement about superficiality? waste? or well-being…?” In Laky’s view, “Art is cultural communication….Somehow we all relate to art. We wouldn’t and couldn’t survive without it. The artist’s role has always been to take the impossible road. To explore the unknown and test the outside limits.”

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